NOEL, Mo. — In remembrance of the 1969 deadly train explosion in Noel, the community unites for its 50th anniversary.

Noel resident Joe Fischer says it has been half a century since he was awakened in the night by a bang as the train exploded on the railroad.

He says he was unaware what was going on at the time, but he is thankful he lived to tell his story.

Unfortunately, one woman’s life was claimed that day and more than 40 other people were injured.

Estimated damage from the incident was roughly $5 million.

Noel’s Betterment Committee was inspired to bring together residents to pay tribute to that tragic day.

Joe Fischer, Noel resident, says, “[It’s] fortunate none in the family was hurt scratched or anything. We lost our home and rebuilt. We were fortunate to get out in one piece.”

Christian Arnold, of the Noel Betterment Event Planning Committee says, “Families that are just moving in and everything in between, I think it’s important because a lot of people like the newer families, immigrants that are here, they probably don’t even know this happened and it’s a really important part of Noel’s history.”

Arnold adds they sold commemorative T-shirts and coins to mark the 50th anniversary as well.

This helps the committee to continue to hold events like this in the future.