NOEL, Mo. — A committee is working on bringing more events to Noel.

Today the “Christmas City Committee” hosted its first “Independence on Elk River” event on Main street.

The committee has hosted five events since it started last year.

The event had food, vendors, lawn games for the whole family, a watermelon eating contest, pie and cake auction, parade and fireworks.

“I hope and I’m sure that this will bring everyone together and bring the town back alive again. And show everyone its a fun place to hangout and a beautiful place to enjoy the river and the community itself,” said Robert Miller, Christmas City Committee ambassador.

“The energy in town is kind of turned around in the last two or three years. It seems like we have more young people coming in opening businesses more energy to want to take the city in what I feel is the right direction,” said Terry Lance, Noel Mayor.

All the money raised today will help the “Christmas City Committee” host more events in the future.