WEBB CITY, Mo. — Cardinal nation may soon see a bigger footprint on campus.

But first, voters have to approve the plan to expand.

Webb City school leaders are talking about everything from a bigger high school to updates for academic programs and practice facilities.

“Our high school is probably going to have the greatest strain in the next few years,” said Tony Rossetti, Webb City R-7 superintendent

And now there’s a facilities master plan to try to solve those potential issues ahead of time.

It starts with an expansion on the south side of the high school, adding space for new science classrooms.

“Created over 25 years ago, we are going to need to be upgraded to something that’s much more contemporary and for the future.”

The Culinary Arts Program would also benefit from a new classroom.

“We want to create a culinary, a modern, contemporary, culinary experience for our students through ProStart, which they could get a certification from. And currently, our current Fast Facts room is just residential, and it’s really not set up for what we would like to be able to provide our students.”

And part of the new space would be dedicated to digital learning.

“Students can take that virtual class and they can go in and just kind of hang out. It’s different than a traditional classroom, different environment, different furniture, but they’ll still have a proctor in there. So they might be, I want to say, kind of like a coffee shop, but yeah, kind of like a coffee shop,” said Rosetti.

There would be no-tax-increase for the $11,000,000 bond.

It would also cover the cost of creating a turf practice field, and updating the older of the two auditoriums at the high school.

“It’s still being used today. It’s more like an auditorium for us. But we want to be able to use it for bigger classroom space, want to be able to use it for the arts as well. And it just needs some TLC and brought back to life.”

If voters approve, it would keep the current property tax levy of $0.68.

The question goes on the ballot on April 5th.