Newton County teen missing

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Authorities are searching for a runaway Newton County teen.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office said 16-year-old Tavin Boyd ran away from his home in Granby on November 3.

Tavin’s parents said they are worried because he didn’t come home for his birthday or Thanksgiving.

“I just want to know he’s safe,” said Christina Boyd, Tavin’s mother. “Call, message, anything. I just want him to know he can come home. No matter what, he can come home.”

His mother said this isn’t the first time Tavin’s run away.

“He ran away previously before and he got sent off to a center to get some help, but then he got the COVID, so they sent him home to me,” Christina said. “Everything was fine, we were talking, he was dong his counseling, and I had to go to a doctor’s appointment and he was gone.”

Tavin’s parents are asking anyone who knows where he is to come forward.

“Please tell him to come,” Christina said. “He needs to come home. We need him home and love him very much.”

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office has entered Tavin into the missing person’s database.

“If he’s watching this tonight, then needs to turn himself into local law enforcement so we can remove him from the database and make sure he is OK,” said Andy Pike, Lieutenant with Newton County Sheriff’s Office. “That’s first and foremost, and make sure nothing has happened to him.

“I think he may be worried because he’ll be in more trouble when he comes home, but I just want him to know that no matter what we are standing beside him, no matter what through everything,” Christina said. “So he doesn’t need to be worried to come home.”

Tavin’s parents said they just want him to come home.

“If he’s watching, I love you, Tavin, beyond the universe and no matter what we love you and we will stand beside you and we will walk whatever road we need to with him,” Christina said.

Tavin’s family has posted flyers in Neosho and Joplin.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

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