Newton County decides not to spend Cares Act funds on mobile morgues

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NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — Members of the Newton County Commissioners Office decided not to bring mobile morgues to region hospitals. The Cares Act would have funded the refrigerated morgues to help hospitals if there was an increase in deaths.

If the need arises, there would be organizations and resources that aren’t funded by the Cares Act that would be available if they ever needed more room.

The money received by the Cares Act could be redirected to the county’s plans for the future.

“I agree with their decision based on the facts that I know, in that that resource, if needed, is available and can be delivered in within a short amount of time,” said Larry Bergner, Newton County Health Department Administrator.

Members of the Newton County Commissioners Office have not spoken on how they will use the Cares Act funds for the county.

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