PITTSBURG, Kans. — A new proposal is working to level the playing field in Kansas high school athletics. However, some are saying it could be doing just the opposite.

“If I’m in the same classification and I get bumped up with a school that’s 1.5 times my size. That creates an inherent disadvantage for my activities and my athletics,” said Cody Spencer, St. Mary’s-Colgan Athletics Director.

A major concern for places like St. Mary’s-Colgan in Pittsburg due to the recent proposal from the Kansas State High School Activities Association. If it were to pass, St. Mary’s-Colgan and other schools in the state could see their class sizes change due to a multiplier factor.

“Which would kick in if teams have a certain amount of success, when private schools have a certain amount of success, and this multiplier would not affect public schools,” Spencer added.

The factor would then be determined based on the surrounding school’s class size, the number of students on free or reduced lunch, and the number of championships the school has won over the past five years. And while it wouldn’t come into play yet if the proposal were to pass, the multiplier factor isn’t out of the question.

“Our girls’ golf team has had back-to-back state championships and we have returned a great core of golfers this year that could very well do that again,” said Spencer.

The Kansas State Board of Education is expected to act on the proposal in September. But even if it were to pass, Kansas State Representative and former St. Mary’s-Colgan Football Coach Chuck Smith doesn’t think it will get much farther.

“The multiplier is not a new conversation, it’s been going on for most of my career, and I don’t think it’s a good idea. If the Board of Education says go ahead with it, it would come to the legislature, then it’d go to the school committee, and the school committee would either decide to pass it on or stop it right there in committee. They may take it up but I don’t think they’ll pass it,” said Rep. Chuck Smith, (R) – 3rd District.