PARSONS, Kans. — An effort is underway in Parsons to create a park that everyone can enjoy.

The Parsons State Hospital and Training Center has partnered with the City of Parsons to upgrade Railroad Park.

The new project would turn the existing area into an inclusive sensory park for those with physical, sensory, or other needs. Right now the project is focused on generating at least $150,000 in funds through grants and community support.

“We’ll have to do fundraisers, of course, and private donations will always be accepted. We have volunteer help with the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts, I’ve had churches that are very interested in helping,” said Marlys Sohmber-Jones, Parsons State Hospital Program Consultant.

The project is expected to take roughly three to four years.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the project can contact Sohmber-Jones through calling the Parsons State Hospital and asking for her at (620) 421-6550.