PARSONS, Kans. — The goal of any police department is to help keep its community safe, but sometimes that’s easier said than done in rural communities where resources are often fewer than those in large cities.

One local department is taking a new approach to making a difference.

“Just within the city limits of Parsons there was approximately a 44% amount of offenders that were in non-compliance,” said Kyle Wiford, PPD Acting Commander of Investigations.

Wiford began work on creating a program within the Parsons Police Department which would help monitor violent, sex, or drug offenders in the community.

“I spoke with the then County Attorney Stephen Jones, Sheriff Darren Eichinger and then his register down at the sheriff’s office as far as how to work these cases for a better level of accountability for the offenders.”

The Parsons Registered Offender Program launched earlier this year, not as a punishment, but as a follow-up as for those released back into the community.

“Myself and two other officers, check on the offenders and their statuses monthly to find out if their statuses have changed, if they are still living where they registered they’re living, if they’re still working in their registered employment. Which is also good for the community, to keep them aware of the information that’s out there, the public databases through the KBI or the FBI.”

At the same time, PROP will focus on making offenders aware of resources in the area to help prevent any future offenses.

“Hopefully just set them up to succeed in our area and not reoffend and be productive members of society,” said Wiford.

Even other departments are reaching out to create similar programs in Kansas.

“We’ve already had one department get a hold of our policies and procedures for this and they are going to be implementing it shortly in the neighboring Montgomery County,” said Robert Spinks, Parsons Police Chief.