PITTSBURG, Kans. — A Southeast Kansas police department has a new addition to their team. And you could say he has a “nose” for fighting crime.

Meet K-9 Officer Rone from the Pittsburg Police Department. He takes the place of K-9 Officer Dexter, who recently went into retirement.

Rone is the second K-9 that Officer Zach Dainty has handled. Although he’s responsible for taking care of Rone 24-7, he says it’s all worth it.

“I mean it’s nice, you always have a back up officer with you, regardless, so if anybody were to try to cause threat to me, I have the ability to release Rone and have him protect me,” said Officer Dainty, Pittsburg Police Department.

Rone is a big animal and weighs about 85 pounds and his handler says he’s pure muscle.

“The K-9 can go places that officers can’t as far as with it’s nose and be able to detect the odor of narcotics and be able to track people not just criminals but missing persons as far as like a kid or something that wanders off from the house,” said Lt. Josh Whitley, Pittsburg Police Department.

After about a decade on the job, Dainty says K-9 officers can become prone to some of the same conditions as humans as we age, namely arthritis.

That’s why Rone took Dexter’s place, and he says he’s more versatile than his predecessor.

“Dexter is retired, he was narcotic detection dog only, whereas Rone’s narcotic detection, and suspect apprehension dog,” said Officer dainty.

The cost of purchase and to train Rone is about $12,500.