LAMAR, Mo. — Barton County voters are preparing for changes in where they will vote later this summer.

The newest redistricting map has moved county voters from District 31 to District 20.

District 31 included areas north of the county, up to Cass County, while district 20 includes Dade County and part of Western Greene County.

This means voters will be deciding on different candidates.

“We’re dealing with a whole new region and new people. Barton County and Dade County are more or less farming counties where the other two are not. So, we’re like divided kind of in half, with city and country,” said Maxine Rader, Barton County Republican Chair

For those interested in getting to know a number of Republican candidates in the August 2nd Primary, the Barton County Republican Lincoln Day will be held this Saturday at 6:30 PM at Thiebaud Auditorium in Lamar.