New Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center facility approved for Parsons, Kansas

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PARSONS, Kans. — Making sure law enforcement has the necessary training is one of the most important things for any agency — but it’s easier said than done for smaller communities who may not have the funds to send officers on long trips across the state.

KSN’S Steffen Reals takes us to Parsons, where a new training center could be the solution for southeast Kansas.

“No agency in this regional training area should have to travel more than 40 to 45 minutes,” says Robert Spinks, Parsons Chief of Police

For the 16 counties in the southeast Kansas region, this may soon become a reality thanks to a recent meeting with the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.”

“Executives met with the KLETC representatives to try and look at a location to site the newest of those newest locations, and Parsons was picked,” says Spinks

Currently, agencies are required to drive hours upon hours to make it to the nearest training center. This can drive up the cost for many departments, turning a one day class into almost a three day commitment.

The new training site could be ready sooner than you might think.

“KLTEC would love to be up and running within 90 days, that’s a pretty ambitious goal, right now we’re assisting them to find lease space for their facility,” says Spinks.

If need be, one of the Parsons Police Department’s upcoming projects could help provide a home for the training center in the future.

“As we are right now in the early stages for a new public safety service and training center that they would then move and be one of the partners along with the criminal justice and fire science program from Labette Community College,” says Spinks.

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