WEBB CITY, Mo. — The Fourth of July has more options for fans of fireworks in Webb City.

The city council dropped the longstanding ban on aerial fireworks earlier this year. That means there are no limits on what you can shoot off to celebrate Independence Day.

There’s no change to the days and hours allowed, that’s still July first through fourth from 9 A.M. to 11 P.M.

But, the new rules do give the fire chief more control if the risk of fire gets too high.

“We ask people to use common sense and safety precautions. But, we did include in the ordinance that the fire chief has the ability, in the event of dry weather, to prevent any use of fireworks inside the city. We’re hoping that does not happen. I’d love to see some rain between now and the Fourth of July,” said Carl Francis, WC City Admin.

Fireworks stands still have a couple of days to go before they can open up shop in Webb City.

Sales will kick off at 9 A.M. on Friday.