DIAMOND, Mo. — An area fire department doesn’t have to leave its community in order to do some types of training.

The Diamond Area Fire Protection District has been the recipient of two truck trailers recently, one donated by a Diamond business, and the other has been purchased by the City of Diamond.

Both metal containers are right across the street from the fire station. The longer of the two, which was a gift from Level Ride is laying lengthwise on the ground, while the other is standing upright.

Chief Gordon Skogsberg says they can be filled with smoke and used to help firefighters learn how to make their way through fire to get to people trapped inside.

“To better our personnel in being able to maneuver over different obstacles and everything. And the one that’s upright is going to be used for aerial type operations, for ladders and our ladder truck,” said Chief Skogsberg.

He says the containers are located in a field where firefighters park when they have to go out on calls.