BARTON, Co. — New teachers in Barton County are being welcomed with open arms and “swag bags.”

All part of this year’s Welcome Event hosted by the Barton County Chamber of Commerce. These swag bags are filled with items like lunch boxes, gift cards, pens, and community information guides.

All new teachers within the Lamar, Liberal, and Golden City school districts will receive the bags.

This year marks a first in the number of new teachers. There are 36.

“There’s a lot of new hires that have happened and a lot of retirees recently, so just welcoming that next group of educators to really support those kiddos that are from Barton County so they have the best success possible, we’re happy to do so,” said Astra Ferris, CEO, Barton County Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber of commerce is asking for donations for the swag bags.

The deadline is Thursday, August 4th at 4 PM.

Items will be taken to the schools on August 5th.