Nevada school board hosts emergency meeting on mask mandate after complaints

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NEVADA, Mo. — The Nevada School Board has made changes to a ruling made last week.

During last week’s meeting, the board decided to make masks mandatory for students for the first 10 days of the school year.

But, after numerous complaints from parents claiming their voices weren’t heard, an emergency meeting took place to readress the decision. More than 30 concerned parents spoke, saying why they believe masks shouldn’t be mandatory for students.

The board voted four to three in favor of making masks not mandatory.

“If a person with a mask on, a teacher with a mask on, it’s really hard for me to understand and hear. And some of these kids like Finley over here, she needs to be able to connect with her teacher,” said Connie Jackson, Nevada parent.

“I’m gonna support the boards decision, and cross our fingers that I hope the numbers are low and there’s not a lot of spread up here. I support the board, and I think we need to keep an eye on this, be careful and take care of these kids,” said Mike McCaffree, Nevada School Board President.

McCaffree says if a school reaches eight percent of its student body being absent, they will then make masks mandatory.

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