NEVADA, Mo. — Parents, students, and teachers aren’t the only ones preparing for the upcoming school year. Nevada Police Officers have been taking part in school walk-throughs this week. They’re going through every school in the district, along with principals, and introducing themselves, while also learning the layout of the buildings in the case of an emergency.

It’s something the police department usually does every year before the start of school but hasn’t been able to do the past couple of years due to the pandemic.

“We go through with the school resource officer, who is employed by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office, and we go through the entrances, exits, things like that. We look at it at a tactical point and we look at it as you know, anything related to safety-wise. So that could be a medical emergency, that could be, a natural disaster. That could be an active shooter, it could be anything. So, we want to just be prepared for anything,” said Lt. Amber Williamson, Nevada Police Department.

Classes at all schools in Nevada begin on Wednesday, August 24th.