NEOSHO, Mo. — A local school district is looking to reward its teachers.

The Neosho School District will decide tonight on how teachers will be compensated for their work during the pandemic as well as how student teachers will be impacted.

District officials say substitute teachers were not often an available option and over 100 teachers will likely be stipended or compensated for taking care of other classes.

The other topic is for student teachers. If a student teacher does their student teaching in the Neosho School District, they will earn one year’s credit of teaching on the school district’s salary scale.

“We had a lot of teachers go above and beyond and the pay that would have been given to those subs, those unfilled roles, we’re shifting that over to our staff. I just think anytime we can honor our teachers for the work they do above and beyond, you know, it’s not something they’ve asked for but we’re always looking for ways to try to compensate them,” said Nathan Manley, Assistant Superintendent, Neosho School District.

The school board will meet this evening to discuss and take further action on both subjects.