NEOSHO, Mo. – McDonald County jurors deliberated for 35 minutes before convicting a Neosho man of tampering with a victim for offering her $500 to drop a domestic violence charge.

John Martin Hamilton, Jr., 46, stood trial on Wednesday before Judge Gregory Stremel of the 40th Judicial Circuit.

Hamilton was in custody in the Newton County Jail on June 18 on a domestic assault charge. While in custody, Hamilton called the victim from a jail phone and offered her money to drop the charge.

“I am thankful the jury agreed John Hamilton’s actions were wrong, and I hope this verdict gives some comfort to this victim,” said Sarah Crites, Assistant Prosecutor.

“This wasn’t just an offense involving domestic violence, which is reprehensible, this was also an offense against the administration of justice,” said William Lynch, Newton County Prosecuting Attorney.

“I believe this conviction is even more impactful given that the statute John Hamilton violated is one of just a handful that has truth in sentencing.”


This conviction is one of the of the very few criminal charges that does not allow parole, he said.

“This case illustrated one of the many reasons why domestic violence cases are so challenging for prosecutors,” Lynch said.