JOPLIN, Mo. — A nationwide initiative has made its way to the Four States to keep the community safe.

The Think Twice Foundation has kicked off its Road Trip to Save All 50 States.

Over the past few days the foundation has met with local restaurants and businesses, like Jefferson’s, that sell alcohol to help cut down on drunk or impaired driving.

“We do a public events model where we go to alcohol themed events and provide breathalyzers of service and help educate people about the difference between BAC and intoxication in an effort to help them understand how they process and metabolize alcohol and better understand the risk associated with drinking and driving,” says Justin Thompson, Think Twice President & Founder.

Over the course of the weekend, think twice visited around 15 different bars in the Joplin and Pittsburg area.

For any business wishing to get involved, you can connect with the foundation online.