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Dr. Barbara Miller, Freeman Health System Physician
“Number one, there’s a tremendous need, the rural areas are all underserved, meaning that they don’t nearly have enough health care for the folks that are there.”

Rural American’s healthcare needs are often not met in their area. Most families have to travel far to a hospital–and it hasn’t gotten easier over time. And the pandemic isn’t helping–at all.

Angie Saporito, President of Mercy Hospital Columbus:
“This years especially important, a lot of small hospital across the US have closed, we’re still here.”

That’s where larger organizations come in. Freeman Health System and Mercy Hospital have created several out reach programs to make sure needs are met in rural towns across the Four States.

Dr. Barbara Miller, Freeman Health System Physician:
“At the end of the day they have to trust me and that what I am recommending to them is something to their benefit because it’s not always easy to do and they way you do that is through relationship and really the best way to do that is to embed people in those communities.”

And when organizations make those connections to towns, and their residents, it’s appreciated.

Sheryl Rowden, Columbus Resident:
“They know me as a person, they’re aquainted me and they know that if I’m going there, I have a reason to go there, and they’re real quick and they know my past, and it makes me feel very comfortable and I know I can get waited on very fast.”

Outreach hospitals are here to serve, whether it’s their town or the surrounding areas in need.

Angie Saporito, President of Mercy Hospital Columbus:
“We’re here 24/7, we’re here to take care of our community and small communities in the surrounding community.”

Several smaller hospitals have closed down during the pandemic. But many have managed to get help with national grants.Things like the Cares Act has been able to provide these with resources they need to stay open and improve the quality of their facilities.

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