CARTHAGE, Mo. — An update to a story we first brought you last fall — a teacher to teacher kidney transplant was a big success.

Both Recipient Jason Worrall and Donor Chelsey Abbott are back in the classroom. It took Chelsey just a few weeks after the November surgery to return, but Jason was finally cleared a week ago.

He says he feels great and is very thankful.

“Dialysis helps in many ways – keeps you alive and things like that. But Chelsey stepping up to be a living donor is just one of those amazing things. I couldn’t be more thankful, I’m super blessed,” said Worrall.

“By the four week mark, I was able to come back to work. I mean I had slight tenderness here and there from the healing. but otherwise it was like it never happened really quickly. And I just think one month of my life for the rest of his is a really good trade off and it was very well worth it,” said Abbott.

They are sharing their experience during National Kidney Month, in hopes of encouraging even more living donors to join the National Registry.