JOPLIN, Mo. — Work on a walkway on the campus of Missouri Southern continues.

The first of the project’s two phases is now complete. It spans from the parking lot on the south side of Newman Road up to campus.

Rob Yust, Vice President for Business Affairs, says the whole goal of the project is to increase pedestrian safety as students walk through the parking lot.

New walkway work underway at Missouri Southern State University’s parking lot

Another part of the project is the tunnel that goes from the dorms, under Newman Road, and into the parking lot.

“We are able to provide security cameras inside because that was part of the issue, and then we’re gonna put some cosmetic work and panels, metal panels on the inside with some graphics on that, and on either side of the tunnel. Entrances on the north and the south we’ve opened that up,” said Yust.

Yust says the tunnel work should be finished by the end of February.

Work on the $2.1 million project started last summer and is being paid for entirely with federal funds.