Motorcycle dashcam of father and 8-year-old son crash, see how quickly things can change

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“I hit the brakes and went into a slide,” stated the dad  ◽️ In Missouri there is no age limit to how young/old you have to be to ride as a passenger. Bike must allow for two riders and second rider must ride behind.  ◽️ They were riding a 1983 Yamaha Venture.

(64804) – A few weeks ago Joplin News First broadcast from a vehicle vs motorcycle crash in Joplin. It sent a father and his son to the hospital. Dad reached out to us in hopes to encourage motorcycle awareness. He now shares the dashcam video with us.

He and his 8-year-old son were wearing helmets, the son riding behind, which is the law. When a vehicle allegedly failed to yield the right of way as they were traveling north on south Wall at 15th.

You can see dad lay the bike over in the dashcam video, “I hit the brakes and went into a slide.” he said he didn’t really plan it, just riding so long it’s instinctual.

“I got road rash and banged up a little. My son came out lucky. He got a skinned up knee, he rode [the bike] down a little further than me.”

The bike is pretty tore up. But surprisingly he said it’s not the end of his riding days. “I don’t think my son is afraid to ride again, he is just trying to figure out how we went down.”

The Missouri Division of Roadway Safety and their SAVE MO LIVES campaign reminds us all spring coming and more bikes hitting the road. Things can change quickly on a motorcycle. 79% of motorcycle crashes end in injury or death in Missouri. #JoplinNewsFirst #KODE12 #KSN16.

CLICK to view this exact dashcam model the dad has on his bike featuring front and rear cameras on AMAZON $79.00 Biker’s Camera, Sykik Rider Sybc6 Motorcycle 

CLICK  for more information on the SAVE MO LIVES campaign from the Mo Coalition for Roadway Safety encouraging everyone to Arrive Alive. 

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