Monday evening S Jackson house fire, “ruled to be electrical in nature,” state Joplin Fire Dept

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About 6:40 PM Joplin News First tipsters let us know about smoke showing at a residence, 1919 South Jackson.  It was rumored in the beginning there were pets inside the smoke-filled residence.  But they were found to have escaped into the neighborhood and were safe.  


According to a media release from the Joplin Fire Department, “While in route the Joplin Police Department reported heavy smoke coming from the attic eaves. The first fire crew arrived on scene at 6:41 PM to find smoke coming from the attic.”

As Joplin News First broadcast live we monitored radio communications and the fire was declared under control at 8:34 PM.  “Crews extinguished the fire and overhauled the scene. Fire crews remained on scene until 12:16 AM, Tuesday 05 March,” the press release states.

Just previously to declaring it under control, ‘Jackson Command ‘ was sending in crews to remove lath and plaster. The fire/heat where the smoke was coming from could be inside the lath and plaster ceilings and walls.

We talked with a Joplin News First friend who is an expert in the field. The crews being sent in were pulling down ceilings and walls so they could put water on it.

Our expert thought it would be found to be electrical. The heat of the electric wires within the walls was continually producing that smoke.

“The cause of fire was ruled electrical in nature,” the media release finally states.  

CLICK to view the full media release from the City of Joplin website.

FROM WIKI: Lath and plaster is a building process used to finish mainly interior dividing walls and ceilings. Used mainly until about the 1950’s in some houses. It consists of narrow strips of wood (laths) which are nailed horizontally across the wall studs or ceiling joists and then coated in plaster. It’s considered a primitive form of construction.


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