PITTSBURG, Kans. — A program at Pittsburg High School that allows students to learn content through real-life applications went to the extreme this morning.

Students in the school’s Leadership Academy witnessed and learned from a mock accident.

It was put on by Pittsburg First Responders and featured drama students as drivers.

The academy is a 16-day summer elective course centered on government and civic leadership.

“The idea is to get the students to understand what each of those agencies are responsible for and how they work together as a team in order to make sure that we are all safe as citizens,” said Gary Wolgamott, Teacher, Pittsburg High School.

“There’s a lot that goes into having to do their job and that it’s very important for people to stay out of their way, so that way they can get everything done quickly,” said Sophia Hertrich, Leadership Academy Student.

“Safety for the students, for one, for driving safety they’re all in high school. And then two, they’ve learned about all aspects of First Responders as far as Police, Fire, and everything, And now, we’re kind of rolling it all into one to show them what we do,” said Lt. Christopher Moore, Pittsburg Police Department.

Students completing the Leadership Academy will graduate on Thursday at the high school.