MISSOURI — Some of Missouri’s lowest paid teachers could get a 50% raise, if Governor Mike Parson approves changes recommended by state lawmakers.

The current minimum starting salary is $25,000 — a number that would grow to $38,000 under the proposed budget. The state would cover 70% of the increase, leaving districts with 30% of the bill.

School districts like Webb City already pay above the new rate, but school leaders say it would still impact local costs by raising salaries to stay ahead of the new minimum.

“For some of the larger districts, we’re not going to qualify for those dollars but yet we still have to be competitive now because the bar has been moved up. And it’s going to challenge all of us to reallocate those dollars whereas best we can to make sure our salaries are competitive,” said Dr. Tony Rossetti, WC R-7 Superintendent.

The Governor is currently reviewing the 2023 State Budget proposal and must decide what he’ll sign by the end of the week.