CARTHAGE, Mo. — It may be a holiday weekend, but highway patrol troopers across the Four States will not be taking the weekend off.

In fact, many of them will be on the road taking part in the All-American Buckle Up mobilization that runs through Memorial Day.

Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Sam Carpenter says it’s a national enforcement designed to make sure everyone in the car, and not just the driver, is buckled up.

“Seat belts are important, they save lives, they work, and we want people to use them so we stress that a lot this week. It goes in conjunction with the “Click it or Ticket” initiative that we do which is a zero tolerance policy the Highway Patrol has on seat belt usage,” said Trooper Carpenter.

Carpenter says seat belt usage is not a primary enforcement law, which means adults can’t be pulled over for not wearing one, but he says you can be ticketed for non usage if you are pulled over for some other infraction. However, he says you can be pulled over if a trooper sees a child in the vehicle not properly restrained.