MISSOURI — A local state representative wants to help schools prevent the next tragedy on campus.

A way to quickly communicate the danger through a school and with those responding to the crisis.

“Always looking to improve or make ourselves as safe as possible,” said Aaron Brown, Joplin Schools Tech Spec.

Joplin Schools Technology Specialist Aaron Brown points to the Watchdog app, designed to help teachers, students, staff and first responders connect in a crisis.

“So I can mark myself safe as a user, and it keeps the GPS location pretty accurately of where I’m at. So if I needed help I can mark myself as need assistance for whatever reason, and they’re gonna be able to find me based on that,” said Brown.

This app is specific to Joplin Schools, but a statewide system could soon be under development if State Rep. Lane Roberts has his way.

“The important thing about is, when you’re talking about a school emergency, there are two things that are always very critical. One is timing, and the most is information,” said MO Rep. Lane Roberts, R. “What it would do is instantaneously, instantaneously notify everybody. 911, the police agencies, people who are close by, and then from within the building, you’re getting direct information.”

As a former police chief, Roberts wants to see the system available to every school district in Missouri but first, the Governor must approve the funding.

“This was not a response to what happened in Texas. But based on personal experience, it was preparation. Anticipate what we have become sadly, something that happens all too often,” said Roberts.