Missouri SOS stops in Carthage to highlight voting options for upcoming November election

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — The Missouri Secretary Of State stops in Carthage, highlighting voting options for the November election.

Changing rules for how to vote this November has the Carthage Mayor worried some residents won’t know what’s real and what’s fiction.

Go right to the source! Don’t get your info off Facebook, or social media because there’s some wrong information out there.

Dan Rife, Carthage Mayor

It’s prompting Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft to stop in the Maple Leaf city to talk about voting in-person, by mail, and absentee ballot.

Jay Ashcroft says “It could be confusing because there’s so many different options, but what I want people to know is that it’s not complicated. If they want, they can go vote they way they have for years past.”

Ashcroft believes voting in person is still the best option, whether on election day or by absentee. That way, if there’s an issue, you can correct it. But state lawmakers also approved voting by mail. Ashcroft reminds that this choice must be notarized and urges voters not to wait until the last minute to mail in their ballot.

My ultimate goal is that the people of the state won’t be confused and they will come out and participate – you know even when we say we have a good turnout, that generally means we got close to 60 percent. Which means four out of ten potential voters didn’t participate.

Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State

Voters go to the polls on November 3rd, 2020.

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