Missouri mystery deepens in the case of a man with many names

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – What began as a report of a missing man has turned into a story of women who say they were used by a man who has now vanished. The latest woman, who says the man wooed her with a fake story, had arranged to live with her at a south St. Louis County apartment.

No one was home when we visited today and we saw no sign of the truck he was last known to be driving. Jay Holsinger is currently listed as missing. He was last seen on May 14 by his wife, Jaime Holsinger.

Bizarrely, this is at least the second time Jay Holsinger has disappeared as we’ve followed his case in the Fox Files. In 2011, we spoke with a woman who wanted to remain anonymous. She didn’t know he’d left his wife in Ohio and was dating women in St. Louis under another name.

After our 2011 report, Jay settled down and remarried Jaime Holsinger, who talked to us Monday about his current disappearance.

Now he’s disappeared on Jaime and when FOX 2 went to Jay’s job, which he also abandoned, we found evidence he might have left for yet another woman. We talked to that woman today by phone from her home in West Virginia.

“I was told about the interview you did 10 years ago and when I watched it, none of that is how he explained anything to me,” Judy West said.

West said she drove eight and a half hours to come live in St. Louis with Jay before she knew the truth. She says she just learned it from our news report and then meeting face to face with Jaime.

“I’ll be honest. Mrs. Holsinger and I didn’t believe each other until the moment we saw each other in person,” she said. “I apologized to her. I did. And we started sharing our story right there in the parking lot of this gas station.”

Judy says her trauma is magnified by her discovery Jaime was just diagnosed with cancer.

“The only thing I can do to make any of this right is to help this woman,” she said.

Judy is raising money by selling raffle tickets and starting a GoFundMe page, writing, “Without our help, this sick man will win! He left his wife with nothing as she battles cancer.”

Judy agreed to talk and even identify herself so that it might be a warning for the next woman.

“He is doing the same thing to somebody else right now—the exact same thing—he has been wooing whoever he is with for months,” she said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is also aware Holsinger’s history, acknowledging that he may be missing by his own choice. The office is continuing its investigation.

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