JOPLIN, Mo — According to the Missouri Job Center, business owners are thinking outside of the box to recruit employees.

Before the pandemic, the job center helped 100 people a day. That’s now dropped to 50.

Right now, they have 10,000 open jobs.

“Healthcare is still one of our highest in demand. Truck drivers and manufacturing are probably our top three right now,” said Pam Regan, One Stop Operator.

The Missouri Job Center is seeing businesses raising salaries and offering bonuses to attract employees.

“They’re anywhere from $100 to $2,000, it just depends on the employer,” said Regan, “Several of them are offering different incentive packages. They’re looking at holidays, insurance payments, everything encompassing to try to attract individuals.”

Some employers are also offering same-day pay and flexible schedules.

“Before the pandemic, we had employers that had pretty much their pick of employees. Now it’s just the opposite. Employees have their pick of employers. You can go to a hiring event and you may walk away with five job offers so you get to decide, which one of those you want to take and I’ve not seen it like that before,” said Regan.

The center offers help with resumes, mock interviews, and connects job seekers with helpful resources.

“We have a lot of employers that will send us flyers and we will post those on our social media pages. We hang them up in the front of the building so everyone who comes in knows exactly where to look for those flyers,” said Regan.

The center is offering free manufacturing training on July 18th.

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