TOPEKA, Kan. — A big announcement for child care providers operating in the state of Kansas, came from the Governor’s office today.

Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, announced that her administration is giving a total of $53 million to eligible child care staff at licensed facilities as a reward for their incredibly essential, hard work.

The funds will be made available through Child Care Workforce Appreciation Bonuses that will soon be directly distributed to approximately 22,650 early childhood care staff members across Kansas.

“Early childhood development is the smartest investment a community can make. Early childhood education programs benefit our kids in the long-term, both in and out of the classroom, and they make it possible for parents to enter and participate in the workforce. That’s exactly why we’re making a total of $53 million available to nearly 23,000 child care providers throughout Kansas: We want to show our gratitude for all they do every single day.”

Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly

Individual bonus amounts will range from $750 to $2,500 per person.

To be eligible, child care providers must be regularly working in a paid position at a licensed facility and have a minimum of six months continuous employment at their current employer, or six months of combined continuous employment with a licensed provider.

Home-based and relative providers may also qualify for the bonus program.

There is also an opportunity for those who have worked less than six months at a licensed facility to receive a bonus.

The Appreciation Bonus is a one-time payment that will begin in mid-to-late July, and is funded through federal Child Care Development Funds.

Licensed facilities include all Head Start programs and preschools; school age programs; day care homes; and DCF relative providers.

“Working in child care is a calling, one that inspires and educates the minds of young Kansans, and plays an important role in strengthening Kansas families,” said Laura Howard, Secretary of Kansas Department for Children and Families.

Governor Kelly also wrote a letter to licensed child care providers, thanking them for their work and informing them of how to qualify for the bonus award.

The letter is available to read, HERE.