MIAMI, Okla. — Drivers in one Four State community will need to get used to seeing a lot of construction signs in the next several years.

Miami is doing major upgrades to roads.

You don’t have to drive that far through the streets of Miami to realize many of them need a lot of work. That’s why the city has made working on them a priority.

Friday, crews were working on a street repavement project near the intersection of B and 12th Street northeast.

“Our city crews do the base work and then we contract out the cement and asphalt and so now as the weather is getting nicer their starting to be able to complete some of this,” said Melinda Stotts, Communications Manager, City of Miami.

Within the City of Miami there are just over 112 miles of roads and alleys, many of which are in need of repair. The number of roads fixed will be determined by what the budget looks like, and could take several years to complete what they want to do.

“We have a prioritized list of projects that we’re working on as the budget allows. And so this is the completion of the fiscal year budget from last year. We don’t have our budget complete yet, it’s still a project in work but about 3.2 million over the next one or two years will be added,” said Stotts.

Stotts says the going rate to repair or rebuild a street is about a million dollars per mile.

The city is including the cost in their budget to pay for the work.