MIAMI, Okla. — A special ceremony took place Friday morning, in Miami.

Part of the focus — a pole.

In 1972, a flag and pole were dedicated to Integris Miami Hospital, both stayed there for 50 years.

Friday, that pole was moved closer to the “Integris Way” driving entrance. Members of the Miami Public Utilities Electric Department handled the relocation, while members of the local civil air patrol, as well as the VFW, led the dedication ceremony.

And Old Glory now sits atop the pole the VFW donated a half century ago.

“And for everybody to remember what that flag symbolizes in our freedoms, and our ideals, and our ways of life,” said Robert Lint, VFW Post Commander, Post 8380.

“The veterans that we have here are able to come alongside and help lead the youth in the right ways of showing respect and honor,” added Cindy Clark, Deputy Commander, Grove Composite Squadron.

Two more flags and poles will be added in the near future: the Oklahoma state flag and a Miami Wardogs flag.