Miami bike ride promotes clean-up of Tar Creek

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MIAMI, Okla. — Bikers ride throughout parts of the Tar Creek region in efforts of raising awareness of its environmental issues.

Since 1995, Miami’s lead agency has held bike rides to promote the clean-up efforts needed.

Bikers rode a 5 mile trail.

Typically, the ride is longer, but due to severe weather, it was shortened.

They crossed the Rockdale Bridge near NEO and the Coleman Mansion.

Lead agency officials say they hope this inspires the community to unite as a whole to fight for Tar Creek to be cleaned up.

Madeline Geiger, bike rider, says, “There is no better way to check out the creek than to be right beside it. To get in there and see the critters moving around and see what’s in the creek how the fish are doing what kind of insects are there. That tells a lot about the health of the water.”

Rebecca Jim, Director of L.E.A.D. Agency, says, “Well, I think there are no signs along the bridges in Tar Creek when you pass over it and I think people ignore it. They don’t think it’s even there anymore. So it gives folks a chance to look at what a wonderful creek that could be.”

L.E.A.D Agency’s next big event the community can participate in will be the 21st National Environmental Conference at Tar Creek.

It will be held September 17 and 18 at NEO A&M College.

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