MIAMI, Okla. — Summer is almost officially here, and many local communities have summer recreation programs underway.

The City of Miami is hosting its annual Summer Recreation Program at the Miami Civic Center through the first of July for kids ages 7 through 14.

“It is a free camp. We get our budget through a utility tax. We plan all kinds of recreation games for our campers, teach them to kind of use what Miami has available as far as our area parks, at little or no cost,” said Jeanie Siegrist, MSRP Coordinator.

That also includes free daily breakfast and lunch.

In the afternoon, the kids can spend the rest of the day at the public pool.

“We do everything from kickball, basketball, we teach them pickle ball, all kinds of fun little recreation games. Horseshoes, ladder ball, you name it, we’ll try to play the game and teach them a little spin-off of it,” said Siegrist.

Many of the participating kids have been in the program during previous summers.

The upcoming field trips will include a day at a trampoline park and another day at an ice skating rink.

“We had to stay around with our groups, but we get to do all of the activities,” said Dalton, MSRP Participator.

“Like buying snacks and yeah, and having fun with my friends,” said Aceson, MSRP Participator.

The program has been a staple in the community for nearly two decades.

“I think that that is imperative, as a community. It takes a village to raise kids and I am so proud of this program and I know that the City of Miami has worked tirelessly on perfecting it. I think that it’s just all in all really great,” said Siegrist.

They are still accepting sign-ups until Friday, June 17th.