McDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — Some roads in McDonald County have been over run by flood waters, and others are close to that point but Emergency Management Director Gregg Sweeten says most highways are still passable so far.

Highway H east of Elk Springs Road, between Pineville and Noel, did have to close this afternoon due to water on the roadway.

With all the rain the county has already endured over the past few days, Sweeten says he can’t believe his department hasn’t had to conduct any swift water rescues yet. But the county’s emergency response teams are ready just in case, especially through the overnight hours.

It’s easier to spot flooded roads during daylight hours, but it’s tough once the sun goes down.

“Just be cautious. Anytime we’ve had rains like we’ve had, just be cautious. If you come over a hill, you know, take your time and be sure you’re able to see the center line or that you’re still on asphalt,” Sweeten said.

Sweeten says residents who live along Elk River in particular should keep their eyes on their property just in case flood waters continue to rise. And, be ready to leave at a moments notice because flood waters can rise rapidly.