MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — McDonald County High School’s new “Little Theater” gives their theater students a place to call home. In two years, the theater program has doubled in size to nearly 70 student actors, not including freshmen. So the school has built a new theater for the students. The space will be used for smaller productions, giving audiences a more intimate experience.

“It’s a lot more intimate, that whenever you have a theater where it’s intimate where you’re really close to your audience, it’s just a totally different dynamic,” said Wyatt Hester, Director of Theatre. “And actually audiences love it better. Everybody loves the big musical. They come to those, you know. We’re happy, proud to do those over in the pack. But this intimate theater there’s nothing like it people love it,”

“The smaller space is very different. You’re a lot closer to your audience and you feel like everyone can see any mistake you make,” said Rylee Patterson, Senior, Student actor. “But I will say it is more engaging. So it kind of makes your plays more fun. Just being able to see their expressions like hands-on. Some seating will be on the stage in the corners.”

The venue will open this Friday with the “DG Fridays” theater series, paying homage to Dabbs Greer.