McDonald County Filmmaker is Creating a Christian Adventure Western

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McDonald County has its very own Christian-based filmmaker, director and actor named Sean Hunt. He and his wife, Kylie are in the works of making the featured film, The White Rider Returns.

“I got into filmmaking in the first place because it combines most of all the major senses. It’s an encompassing experience,” says Hunt.

The White Rider Returns is a sequel to the faith-based Christian western, The White Rider (2017). The first movie is set in the old west and follows the journey of a young girl named Gracie Gail. She’s on a quest to find the “White Rider”,the only one who can save her town from destruction.

“A lot of things in the first movie we couldn’t fit in. We didn’t have the time, money or resources. So this new movie, wherever God takes it, will fill in the gaps or those questions people had about the first film.” 

Hunt understands it can difficult for the average viewer to be excited about watching a Christian adventure western movie. But his hope for those who do will learn the messages taught in the movie and share it with others.  

“It’s so important to be positive and renew your faith in God and Jesus Christ. Always make sure that you know your words have power.”

The sequel will be filmed in a town that was built in Jay, Oklahoma called Refuge. The town was first made for the filming of a motion picture called “Refuge” by Holy Wood Church Productions,in association with Outreach for America

The buildings in the town are also fully functional. The cast and crew will be staying in the town’s living quarters during production.

“It’s important to us because if you are in the middle of it, it’s easy to stay in the western mode.”

Actress and Noel resident Sarah Foré will be returning to play Gracie Gail. She won “Best Young Actress in a Feature Film” in the Branson International Film Festival 2019 for her performance in the first film. 

“You definitely feel the presence of God. It’s a positive environment. Everyone gets along well and shares the same vision and have the same heart to want to reach people”, Foré says. 

Rick Thomas plays bounty hunter Roanan in the films. His character will be making amends with the actions created in the first movie. When Thomas is off-screen, he is spreading the message of God as a pastor in Grove, Oklahoma. 

“I’m excited to interact with everybody else and see what God is going to do through the process. It’s amazing to me how He brings all of this stuff together,” explains Thomas. 

As Hunt shoots the sequel, he will simultaneously film a series based upon the story line and characters featured in the movies. 

“Each episode covers a scripture, some type of moral theme and something from the Bible that viewers can positively apply to their daily lives,” Hunt explains.  

He anticipates filming four to seven episodes for the first season of the show. Each episode will last between 10 to 20 minutes. 

“When a viewer tunes in to watch one episode in the series the prayer and hope is, they like something and watch the other episodes or check back to the last two movies.”

Cast and crew will begin the filming process for the series and movie in November 2020 at the “Refuge” town. The White Rider Returns will be released in local theatres by Christmas 2021. Shortly afterward, the movie and series will be on Amazon Prime. The White Rider is on Amazon Prime now along with Hunt’s film The Swing Set (2011). Hunt says he’s thoroughly blessed to be featured. 

“God continues to give us more stories and more resources. We have the responsibility to use it and spread his word and his light.”

Hunt Production Studios is hosting a fundraiser event on March 28th at the Banner Church in Anderson, Missouri to raise money and awareness for future film projects including the coming of age faith-based film, Tarnish.

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