MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — Some local middle school students have their own podcast.

They’re from McDonald County and are taking a month-long outdoor summer class.

The class teaches them all about the natural resources and ecosystems native to McDonald County. The students have been specifically learning about the Whip-Poor-Will birds native to North America.

Today, they ran their own podcast in Neosho out of Kneo Radio’s recording studio to discuss the birds with a couple of educators from the University of Alberta in Canada.

“We just came out here to sort of make a podcast about it and spread awareness about Whip-Poor-Wills and other sort of night jars, and Poor-Wills and the population decline,” said Abigail Richards, 8th-grade student at White Rock Elementary.

“I believe that it is going to stick with me because the experience has just been great and sometimes, with having fun and doing the experience at the same time, it helps keep it in your mind and it is so fun,” said Amanda Kelley, 7th-grade student at White Rock Elementary.

The plan is to make the podcast available on the school district’s website and Youtube channel sometime next week.