ANDERSON, Mo. — McDonald County High School has discovered new and innovative ways to assist their students.

“It’s honestly kind of a relief to have a private place to go. Because this room in the big area we set it aside for students to do homework-help or anything that they need. So, It’s kind of a relief to have just a really quiet place for students to go that I know is confidential,” said Erica Price, Community Liaison McDonald County High School.

Erica Price had a light-bulb moment last summer. New space for students to discuss difficult topics was needed, and she found a solution no one else saw coming.

“I quickly decided that that’s not enough space. So I started looking on the internet for any DIY way to make each room be more private but also have multiple spaces to meet and I ran across Privacy Pods,” said Price.

The new pods are 4-feet by 7-feet in dimensions with two of them being purchased. The idea of the pods is to offer new avenues for students to have a space to feel safe.

“It means that you just need a break, and don’t we all need a break from time to time right. It’s a place for wellness. Whether it’s social or it’s um, medical or mental health or whatever, It’s all one big thing,” said Del Camp, Chief Clinical Officer Ozark Center.

McDonald County High School is the first school in the surrounding area it try Privacy Pods. They hope by taking this step they can help more students given their rual location.

“There’s such a shortage now in therapeutic services, anywhere. So, it’s nice to have somebody that can come in the school and see them for a fourty-five to one hour session and maybe take away from. Because if their mental health isn’t where it needs to be their not learning,” added Price.