NOEL, Mo. — Students in McDonald County have been learning all about creating healthy habits this week.

The school district partnered with its nutrition provider “OPAA! Food Service” to host its “Spring Wellness Health Fair” at Noel Elementary.

It started in 2019, but this was the first time it’s happened since then, due to the pandemic.

The goal is to show the kids the importance of exercising and eating healthy, all while also having some fun. They had the chance to take part in a handful of activities, including yoga, making smoothies — even picking out their own produce from a farmer’s market.

“It seems like it’s not focused on a lot. It’s so easy to get something that is not good for you and put it into our bodies. I mean, healthy nutrition is so important,” said Janie Daugherty, Director of Nutrition, McDonald County School District.

“They said that if you start like doing yoga, it’ll like help you out with stretching for sports,” said Jr Quintero, 6th Grade Student.

“That means you can get like healthier, and it’s really good for your body, because your body is like made mostly out of water,” said Olivia Ryan, 4th Grade Student.

It’s expected that more than 1,800 students will participate in the health fair this week.