JOPLIN, Mo. — A family business is hoping to fill a need in the Joplin community.

Dandelions Children’s Resale Boutique held their grand opening this afternoon.

Preparation has been happening for around a year.

Co-owner Shay Waller used to work at another children’s resale store before it closed.

Feeling like there was a lack for one in the community, Waller decided to use her passion for thrifting to open a new store with her mother.

“Saw the location, we’ve been kind of keeping an eye out, stocking inventory at our garages at home, saw the storefront, fell in love with it, we said ‘This is our chance to jump on it,’ so we did and now we’ve put it all together in just a little more than a month. The community showed up, we had a line waiting out front this morning, so it has been crazy, it’s been steady all day and we’ve just loved meeting everyone,” says Shay Waller, Dandelions Children’s Resale Boutique Co-Owner.

The store currently offers clothes and small items from newborns up to kids size 10 to 12, but Waller hopes to expand the range soon.

For more information you can check out the store’s Facebook page.