BAXTER SPRINGS, Kans. — Route 66 attracts travelers who want a scenic drive on a motorcycle… Others who are looking for a taste of Americana. And still, others see it as a great way to celebrate a certain birthday.

Birthdays usually mean presents and cake & ice cream. But if you really, really love the Mother Road what better than to turn 66… On Route 66.

“My 66th birthday – I wanted to celebrate it,” said Jan Hamernick, Rt 66 traveler.

And as a big, big fan of Route 66, Jan Hamernik started planning a trip to the Mother Road.

“It’s a legend, for us Europeans, for us it’s a legend. We have to live it on our own,” said Hamernick.

Jan is a well known DJ in the Czech Republic, and his birthday trip attracted nearly 20 more friends and fans who wanted to come with him.

The planning started back in 2020.

“Maybe two years ago he called me and said I wish to celebrate my 66th birthday on Route 66,” said a Rt. 66 Tour Guide.

When the pandemic hit, it put a pause on the trip.

With travel restrictions finally easing this year, Hamernik finally got his wish, just two years later.

“I don’t know if that gives me two years or I lost two years,” said Hamernik.

He’s already seen most of the route, saying he loves the sections in Arizona and California. There are just three days left, times the whole group plans to enjoy.

Much of their focus today was in the Four States with stops for the Blue Whale in Catoosa and Rainbow Bridge in Cherokee County.

They also stopped in Riverton and Joplin before heading north.