Magic is not the same as illusion, entertainer Reza tells us as he preps for Joplin’s Memorial Hall

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“Magic can be a trick it can be small scale and an illusion can be huge.  No limitations.  And it can be huge.  And this is like a rock concert meets a magic show so the magic is grand combined with lighting, sound, video walls, so you get the whole experience with the magic,” Reza tells Shannon Becker while standing in the lobby of Joplin’s Memorial Hall just moments before his final run-through for Saturday night’s show. 

We shared some of the images in the video interview  but on the stage we saw, motorcyle?  Saws?  Helicopter?  This is an interactive show?  

Reza nods, “People can come and expect to get involved if they want to, I will use about 20 people from the show have them participate so they’ll actually experience it.”

Reza has appeared on Duck Dynasty, playing himself in their final season on television.   Also on the Penn and Teller summer hit from a few years back.   

If videos do not load below then CLICK LINK HERE for Duck Dynasty video

Tickets are at the door 7:30 PM show CLICK the link HERE for ticket prices.

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