CARTHAGE, Mo. — Absentee voting continues in Jasper County but the numbers haven’t been great thus far.

County Clerk Charlie Davis isn’t quite sure why the numbers are lower now than in years past. He says it could be the excessive heat we’ve seen the past week or even voter apathy.

“And we usually can kind of get a pulse of the election turnout based on the number of absentee votes that have been cast, and currently we have 579 people vote either in-person absentee or through the absentee mail-in process, and to kind of give you a comparison, in 2020 we had 1,311 and in 2018, 1,148 so we’re way over half of what it usually is during this time period for absentee voting,” said Davis.

In-person absentee voting can be done at the Carthage Courthouse. The clerk’s office is room 103.

It can also be done at the courts building in Joplin. The clerk’s office is room 200.

The polls will open next Tuesday at 6 AM and close at 7 PM.