JOPLIN, Mo. — A young patient dedicated to helping others is spreading cheer at another hospital.

Mali House presented six Medi Teddies to Freeman Health System today. She has a terminal seizure disorder and knows personally some of the tougher times for younger patients.

House is championing the Medi Teddy program to add something kid-friendly for pediatrics.

“Kids like me or teenagers like me – we do not like needles. And having something there to comfort you and keep your focus off of that needle helps greatly for the nurses and yourself to not be traumatized,” said Mali House, Medi Teddy Donor.

“The fact that Mali has been a patient, has walked a mile their shoes, many miles, in their shoes. And she wants to continue to walk with them. I think that’s what’s so great about that, she’s walking with people in their own challenges to make the situation better for all of our patients,” said Ryan Melton, Freeman Health System, Dev.

House hopes others will follow in her footsteps and donate Medi Teddies.