PITTSBURG, Kans. — An area young woman is on a crusade to make trips to the hospital a little more bearable for kids.

Mali House has a terminal illness that causes severe epileptic seizures. As a result, she’s spent much of her life in and out of hospitals. She’s determined to make medical treatment, especially the intravenous kind, less stressful for kids.

House and her mom have been raising money and donating Medi Teddies to area healthcare facilities throughout the Midwest.

“And it’s not just for kids, like young teens that don’t like needles like I do, it’s to comfort them to show them they don’t need to be afraid anymore, they hang from the polls to hide the bags and they’re easy to remove from the IV bag,” said Mali House, Medi Teddy Donor.

“We try to do six per hospital, and we’ve done seven hospitals so that kind of gives you an idea and we’ve done four different police departments,” said Christy House, Mali’s Mom.

Members of the Pittsburg Lions Club partnered with House to help pay for and deliver several of the bears to Ascension Via Christi in Pittsburg, and Janelle Wade says they’ll be put to good use.

“Being in the hospital and having any kind of procedure can be scary and so to be able to take a little bit of that edge off and bring some fun and likeness into it is always a great thing, so I think it will make things a lot less scary for them,” said Janelle Wade R.N., Ascension Via Christi, Nursing Director.

“It’s an amazing program, we were brought to our attention and we just couldn’t resist partnering with that because it’s so very important, we felt like the comfort level that would be brought to patients of all ages in the hospital was so important and this was a great way to provide that,” said Lori Horton, President, Pittsburg Lions Club.

House has also delivered Medi Teddies to Mercy Hospital Joplin, Cox Health in Springfield and Children’s Mercy in Kansas City.

And she’s taken them to the Joplin Police Department and the Missouri and Kansas Highway Patrol.