Local tribe holds meeting to discuss latest projects

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JOPLIN, Mo. — One local tribe is working to become self-sustainable.

District 10 Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri tribe district 10 held a meeting today.

Members discussed the latest projects the tribes’ legislative body is working on, as well as being prepared to fill several positions.

Since the tribe became federally recognized in 2015, members have worked hard to make their presence known.

For tribal member, Cindia Carlson Tsuda, she was drawn to get involved with the tribe because of its rich history.

Cindia Carlson-Tsuda, legislation representative says, “I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska. So, you know, it’s a long ways for me to come. But I feel kind of driven and inspired.”

Tsuda adds they are hoping to teach younger generations the importance of knowing their ancestry.

There are about 15 thousand members of the tribe located across the nation.

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