LAMAR, Mo. — A local high school’s senior class volunteered their time Wednesday.

The Lamar High School senior class of about 100 students volunteered their work and time on Wednesday. They split up to work at 19 local businesses, organizations, and churches from 8:30 in the morning until noon.

These students started planning for the “Senior Spring Service Day” back in March with the goal of giving back to the community.

“Our community does a lot. They donate a lot to the school. We ask for fundraisers all throughout the year for student council for dinners, just for anything, and so it’s really important for us that we give back to them,” said Jillian Humes, Lamar High School Senior.

The students say that living in a small community has it’s benefits, like knowing someone you trust is there to help out.

“Since we’re such a small community, we tend to rely on each other more than like Joplin would,” said Nevaeh Jones, Lamar High School Senior.

One of the places students volunteered at was the Lamar City Park. There, they pulled weeds, picked up trash, and painted. The park caretaker says the benefits are not only for the park.

“I think it helps them, because they can actually be here helping and they see like, ‘oh I helped with that, I don’t want to see anything bad happen to that.’ They want to keep it good after that. That’s how I see that helping the community and then later on. And they can share that with other people,” said Logan Baird, Lamar City Park Caretaker.

Many seniors explained how volunteering for their community has rewards for themselves.

“It kind of makes me feel better about myself, because I come here often, but it’s not often that I pick up trash and make it look better. People who live in the community wanted to help out and make this town a better place for everyone,” said Benjamin Harrington, Lamar High School Senior.

After ending on an impactful note, the Class of 2022 are preparing to graduate this Sunday.